ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® has the great pleasure to initiate the platform to promote artists worldwide through “START- ART 2K18” A Third International Group Art Exhibition, Place: State Gallery Of Art, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Open for National and International Artists. (Painting, Sculpture, Photography) Those who wish to participate should send their Artwork images. The selection will be made by the Judging panel only on the basis of original works.
Details Of START-ART 2K18
Show Highlights
1) The show will be covered by electronic Media.
2) Live interviews of Artists.
3) Interaction with art Buyers.
4) Live Streaming on Youtube & FB.
5) Interaction with senior artists. 
6) Live Demo by senior artists.
7) International Art Exhibition Participants Certificate.
8) Sale of your artwork.
9) The best platform for start-up artist.
10) Artists Artworks will be added in our upcoming Website.
:: Awards
All Artists will be awarded by Participation Certificate.
:: The rules and regulation of the Exhibition are given below for the information of the Artists.
Professional Artist (Painting)::
Painting Size:: Maximum 3x3 feet (36x36 inches)
Paintings : 3 paintings
Participation Fees:: INR. 5000/-

Students Artist (Painting)::
Painting Size:: Maximum 3x3 feet (36x36 inches)
Paintings : 2 painting
Participation Fees:: INR. 3500/-

Professional Artist (Photography):: Photograph Size:: Maximum 3x3 feet (36x36 inches)
Photograph : 3 Photographs
Participation Fees:: INR. 5000/-

Students Artist (Photography):: Photograph Size:: Maximum 3x3 feet (36x36 inches)
Photograph : 2 Photograph
Participation Fees:: INR. 3500/-
Artists can send their artworks by Courier.

Sculpture Artist (Professional):: For 3 Sculpture
Participation Fees:: INR. 5000/-

Sculpture Artist (student)::
For 2* Sculpture
Participation Fees:: INR. 3500/-

Exhibits will be placed before the Selection and Judging Committee only after Entry Fee is received by Online Banking or Cash. Cheque and Postal Orders will not be accepted.
:: Date of Registration: 20th November 2017 to 31 December 2017.
Exhibition Date: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th February 2018

Submission of Artworks: 1st February 2018 (11:30 AM to 4:30PM)

Place: State Gallery Of Art, Opp Madhapur Police Station, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

All entries received for the “START- ART 2K18” Exhibition would be placed before the selection and judging committee. The decision of the judging committee would be binding on the Artists and no correspondence will be entertained by The ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® on the subject.

INSURANCE: The ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® will endeavor to take every possible care for the safety of the Exhibits during custody/display/transit and the return of the same but would not be responsible for any loss or damage during display, storage or transit and no claim to this effect will be entertained. The Exhibition are advised in their interest to ensure their works, before submitting the same at their cost for the value they deem fit to avoid disappointment in the event of loss or damage.

SALE: All Sale will be negotiated by ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® and will retain 10% of all sales for the ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA ARTIST WELFARE FUND. The balance of 90% amount will be paid over to the artist concerned only after the full purchase money is realized. Copyright of the paintings sold by the ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® would pass on to the buyer. For better sale, the artist should price their exhibits reasonably.

CATALOGUE: The ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® reserves the right to have the accepted works reproduced in the catalogue and any other publications or to supply photographs of the same for Press Publicity purposes.

CHANGE OF NAME AND ADDRESS: Artists should notify the change in their Name or Address Details before 10th January 2018.

RETURN OF WORK:  The ANTERO ART GROUP INDIA® undertakes to return all the work immediately after the Exhibition is over, to the owners at their risk and cost. Exhibitors personally submitting their exhibits must take them back within 10 days after the close of the Exhibition.
The AAG India team will help each and every artist to return (courier) their artworks. 

Contact us below for the Registration Form, Bank Details and Courier Address (24x7):

Yogesh Meshram (Bamni)
(Recommended email id for more images)
Mobile (Call, WhatsApp) (24x7): 8977670676, 7997422111 Skype: Yogesh Bamni
Office: 1-98/90/18/5, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500081






Artwork Submission

Artwork should be submitted by 11:00 AM to 4.30PM. (Paintings, Sculpture, Photograph)




First Day: Inauguration

Show Inauguration, Artist Introduction, Guest Speech, Media Interaction, Channel Interviews,




Second Day: Art Activities

Media Interaction, Channel Interviews, Live Painting by Senior Artists, Art Discussion, Interaction with Visitors and Art Buyers.




Final Day: Awards & Certificate Distribution, Farewell


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